Trailer: The Breakdown:

September 17th, the first episode of "broken jumper", the podcast, is coming. Join Bob Schmidt, as he talks NBA storylines each and every week.

Episode 2: The Breakdown:

Bob and Adam get into the John Wall rumors, the Aaron Gordon extension and handicap the west after looking at the Vegas odds.

Episode 3: The Breakdown:

Bob and Kevin Figgers get into the Zion fears in New Orleans, and the realities of the qualifying offer threats. They also talk Ben Simmons, and Rosas playing "hide the pickle".

Episode 4: The Breakdown:

Bob, still reeling from the Zion piano story being debunked, addresses Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins and their vaccination drama, as well as the Philadelphia media day, and look back at the 2017 NBA Draft Class and their extensions.

Episode 5: The Breakdown:

Bob gets into the health care fraud charges against 18 former nba players, including the grindfather himself (and the grindmother). What can the Sixers get for Simmons? Then Bob handicaps his favorites for 2022 Most Improved Player in the NBA.

Episode 6: The Breakdown:

Bob makes his predictions on the eve of the 2021-22 NBA Season. Who will win MIP, ROY, and MVP? Which teams exceed expectations and which teams underperform. And finally, could the Lakers finish outside the top 4 in the West?

Episode 7: The Breakdown:

Bob takes a look at the breakouts and flat out failures of this early NBA season. Michael Porter Jr. is done. Miles Bridges has vaulted into the early MIP lead, and the Houston Rockets are historically bad. Isaiah Stewart's tantrum costs Lebron a game, and Tyrese Maxey's play is submarining his fellow Klutch client, Ben Simmons.

Episode 8: The Breakdown:

The Houston Rockets are on a 6 game winning streak. Enes Kanter continues to troll Lebron online. The Pacers and Trailblazers start pondering a rebuild.

Episode 9: The Breakdown:

Last week, we discussed the historically bad Houston Rockets, who were on pace to be the worst team of all-time. This week, we talk about their 6-game winning streak. Then we dive into Enes Kanter's ongoing campaign against Lebron James over his affiliation with Nike. Finally, the Pacers are blowing it up. We discuss the Lakers desires for Myles Turner, and the Portland Trailblazers on the brink of blowing it all up.

Episode 10: The Breakdown:

Bob Schmidt, joined by Kevin Figgers and Adam Auslund, handicaps the NBA Playoffs picture. We talk MVP, Rookie of the Year, All-NBA, predict our upsets, and who we expect to take home the NBA Championship.